Who We Are

We're ready to help you with your job applications by providing fast, affordable and professional services for the Australian job market.

Who We Are | Resumes, cover letters and job applications with ResuméBee Australia

We know how it goes

We were unemployed, on benefit, in the entry-level job. We've been casuals and temps. We've been comfortable with career prospects only to be sidelined, let go and starting again. We were students juggling the course with work and life. We've been the apprentice and dragged buckets of dirt in forty-plus out woop woop. We were the sole trader and small business owner. We've re-entered the workforce and may have to do it again some day. So we know how it goes.

Some of our clients are transitioning from their current position to another along their career path and that's great, good on you. But for others, re-entering the workforce can be a bit tricky and expensive. At ResuméBee we understand the need to keep things cost-effect and allow everyone to have a fair go. 

Our Perspective

We believe in leveling the playing field by modernizing and standardizing resumé templates across a broad range of qualifications and degrees of experience. Enabling the individual to stand out on their own merit as the ideal candidate, rather than the most expensive piece of paper.

Our Profile

We started in Perth back in 2013 providing resumé and cover letter services for mining, industrial and construction sector job applicants. Now the ResuméBee services include job application assistance, profile editing and document translating for customers across Australia.

Our Community

We're community focused and have a strong desire to help people find work and advance their careers in Australia. The ResuméBee community is a network of services, resources and specialists with that shared desire. Our clients are a big part of that community too.