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Choose the best resumé category below from our most popular themes.


Edge resumé theme

Our most popular resumé theme is designed to match requirements for key Australian industries and sectors including healthcare, logistics, mining and retail.


Tradie resumés

Crafted for entry-level and seasoned trades professionals including carpenters, electricians, fabricators, form workers, plumbers and machinery operators.


Crest resumé theme

The newest edition to our popular themes, Crest is designed for engineering and technical roles in a variety of technical and scientific  fields.


Class of 2020 resumé

This resumé theme is specially purposed for undergraduate and postgraduate job seekers entering or re-entering the market in 2020.

Customized resumé theme by ResuméBee

Professionally designed and highly customized resumé service to enhance your job application process. Pricing, additional options and related services are completely flexible with a customized theme. 

To keep thing simple and cost-effective you can easily bundle additional services including updating an existing resumé, cover letter, job application, document translating and profile editing.

If you are an existing customised resumé customer and you're looking to update your resumé, please see our updates page instead.